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Luminesce Advanced Night Repair

Luminesce Advanced Night Repair

jeunesse advanced night repair
Advanced Night Repair is an interesting hybrid. It has evolved over the last 5-6 years and has become even more effective than they initially started the research. So, what’s so important about this compound?
Well, first of all, if you understand what happens when our skin, body and each of our hundred trillion cells in the body are exposed to damage, you’ll find it hard to believe. The facts are that each cell probably suffers about a half a million hits to its DNA daily. Our body is able to repair the vast majority of these hits. These are single strand breaks. Double strand DNA repair breaks are extremely difficult to repair. And these are things from ionizing radiation and some genotoxic or environmental toxins that frequently affect our cells and our skin.
This DNA repair compound that we have in Advanced Night Repair has been shown to actually repair those as well. The second thing we’ve noticed in the last 3-4 years is as our cells turn over and repair themselves, the little caps in the end of the cells called telomeres really are one of the key things that dictate how long those cells will be able to make new skin cells, and it’s actually a measure of ageing within the skin cells. So scientists have added to this product a new compound which actually allows our skin cells to make more copies of themselves and help slow down the shortening of our telomeres.
Furthermore, we have a powerful blend of vitamins A, B, C, and E, which are some of the essential components that help buffer free radicals that is the source of ageing from both the inside and the outside of our skin.
The other components that we’ve been looking at and added to this compound tackles the problem of water loss by locking in hydration. This also increases hydration by 85% within two weeks in our clinical studies. Now, when we mention hydration, we’re not talking about the skin acting like a sponge and holding more water, but what we’re really talking about is:
1. Avoiding water loss from the surface.
2. More importantly the ingredients we’ve added to this new product actually help produce more hyaluronic acid. And if you think of hyaluronic acid as the body’s sponge, it is really it that holds the moisture. As we age, we lose this acid – which is the gel substance between the cells – and as we age our skin becomes more like a prune. We lose the hydration, and we lose the flexibility.
So, there are a number of ingredients in this compound that also help reestablish the production of hyaluronic acid. And restoring the skin’s natural protein levels within exclusive patent pending formula derived from adult stem cells, has added probably another major dimension to the overall system’s approach.
So these peptides help wake the skin’s cells that are kind of quiescent in sleeping as we age, and help them produce more collagen and more elastic and more hyaluronic acid.


Works while you sleep

jeunesse advanced night repair
This is an extremely unique product that actually interacts at the level of our DNA and our genetics. It works at the level of our stem cells and on restoring, preventing, and repairing the damage as our skin is exposed to – but also, continues to repair it as the day goes on.
As we sleep, particularly as we go into deep sleep, it has been documented to be as theta and delta brainwave level activity. Our body releases growth hormones, and these are one of the key compounds that trigger cell repair. So for another reason we encourage people to use the repair process with this product while they sleep.
Key Ingredients

jeunesse advanced night repair
We talked a little bit about Uncaria Tomentosa and Cat’s Claw extract, which again enhances both single and double strand DNA repair.
This is without a question one of the most important focuses of this product. Twenty years ago when this product or compound was originally examined by physicians travelling in the Amazon, they noticed that not only did people’s skin look better, but actually skin cancer intended to grow much slower and in many cases it disappeared. We cannot make claims of that’s the case with this product, but one of the other components that’s the extract of Cat’s Claw accomplishes a thing called apoptosis. It is a process where the body will self destruct any cells that are abnormal or becoming cancerous.
So again, aside from the cosmetic applications, this product has a big potential, a large benefit for attendees Down Under who’re exposed to a lot of amounts of UV radiations and tend to be fair skinned. This is an excellent protective product to help avoid abnormal skin growth as we age.

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