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Relationship between Age, Body, Cells and Skin

The skin is the largest organ in the body. You’ll usually see a dramatic relation between age and skin, especially a seemingly reversal in the ageing process as the skin improves. There are a number of reasons to use facial treatments before bed.  During the day when our system is exposed to UVA and UVB light, particularly in those climates where there’s a lot of sun like Australia, Central America. South America – what happens is that the UV damages on the skin really affects to the level of our DNA.

And one of the most common things that was actually measured over the last seven years is what’s called Thymine Dimers Formation, where the ability of the sun to create damage to the specific segment of the DNA. The most important thing that we looked at is scientist developed a compound from a natural source that was able to reverse this damage as it occurs at the DNA level in our skin. It continues to reverse that damage for up to ten to twelve hours after the exposure to that damage to our skin caused by UVA UVB radiations.

This led scientists to create a product over the last seven years that focused mainly on DNA, but then begin to look at the other components in our skin so that they can help literally reverse the ageing process.

Certain ingredients actually degrade in light or make your skin more likely to burn are best used when the sun doesn’t shine. We are also constantly repairing our skin and responding to stressors. There stressors from the environments such as the UVA UVB radiations, environmental toxins that we ingest both in the air and our food.  There are ultraviolet electromagnetic field radiations, even from our cell phones that impact how our genetics work particularly in our body and our skin.

So we’re exposed to not only ageing factors from the outside but also from the inside. And the inside process has to do with the normal ageing process and the normal production of free radicals that our body produces just to stay on par with the cells as they divide and to keep our body functioning at a normal healthy level.

So, in summary, we really have to look at skin ageing from the inside out and from the outside in. So with Jeunesse Luminesce Advanced Night Repair, we have included naturally derived ingredients that help prepares your DNA on the cellular level as the damage is occurring.  And secondly, it dramatically impacts the damage and continues to repair that damage afterwards. Our whole concept here is that they can combat the whole ageing process so that the appearance of our skin looks better in a number of categories. We are talking not just about wrinkles but color, texture, and hydration or thickness of the skin.  Watch the video above to find out the science that relates among your cells, age, body and skin.


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