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jeunesse night repair

Cell Communication Ingredients

jeunesse advanced night repair

Cell Communication Ingredients in Advanced Night Repair

So how do all these magical ingredients work? Well, the main ingredient that we use for the DNA repair process is naturally occurring extract from the vine in South America.  Now, many people have heard of Cat’s Claw. Now this vine that is indigenous to the Amazon area and scientists been using this for over seven years, published a number of articles that document its ability to repair the DNA. The interesting thing is that Cat’s Claw extract alone is not really the component that is responsible for the DNA repair process.   It’s a small sub fraction of the Cat’s Claw plant that is really the key ingredient here.  So, using just Cat’s Claw powder alone will not really create the effect that this special ingredient has.  So we take this compound and topically put it in a specific delivery system like we have with the Advanced Night Repair.  The special ingredient of this compound penetrates the skin and it gets to the membrane of the cell where it actually stimulates a receptor.  Now, that receptor allows this compound to pass into the cell, and inside the cell this compound called the carboxyl-alcohol-ester or the sub-fraction of Cat’s Claw actually interacts with an inflammatory compound.  And by inhibiting that inflammatory compound, there’s a cascade of events that occurs which triggers compounds in the nucleus to increase the DNA repair process. And Dr Vincent Giampapa had published a number of chapters in this research on these ingredients and how they work in details.

The secret is that this DNA repair compound actually does get into the cell, interacts with key compounds inside the cell, which then turn on the DNA repair process within that cell so it doesn’t accumulate damage. That actually repairs the damage that it has been exposed to.

Change that happens at night


Now, research has shown that certain physiological changes that happen at night may enhance the effectiveness of some therapeutic creams or products.

Skin temperature rises as the water loss, leading to slightly dry our skin in the evening. Now, if your water loss is higher, theoretically due to a kind of less effective skin barrier, this can actually help allow certain compounds to get into the skin a little more easily. If your skin temperature rises, we also know that blood flow to the skin and actually improve.

Nocturnal Blood Flow

jeunesse advanced night repair

So, nocturnal blood flow in the skin appears to be higher, which also seems to help allow the enhancement of penetration by specific ingredients. So when blood flow is increased to the skin surface area, we find more effective delivery of some of these key peptides that are also included in Advanced Night Repair.

What we’ve seen is, for instance, if you use a specific regimen in the evening or whenever you actually cleanse your skin with a buff-puff, which is like a slightly abrasive pad. That will remove some of the dead buildup of skin on the epidermis, thin out the epidermal barrier and allow whatever product to penetrate more effectively.

The action of washing your skin with an abrasive pad or even some of these new ultra sonic skin cleansers also help not only with thinning out the epidermal barrier and improving the blood flow of the skin, it actually opens the pores and allow for even further improved penetration.

Our Skin Can Tell Day From Night

jeunesse advanced night repair

Like many of our organs our skin can tell from day to night, or put another way, biological process change including the level of gene expression that is certain genes are turned on and others are off throughout the day. And this varies during different parts of the day. The evening is different from the morning. These sensitive clocks or cells that have actually been documented by a number of research people particularly the neurobiologists the University Of Massachusetts Medical School.

Furthermore, when people say that we have biological clocks inside our cells, that doesn’t mean that there’s a mechanical process where these cells immediately know when it’s day or night.

Let me give you an example of how this most likely works: In the evening, melatonin is produced by our pineal glands.  Melatonin is one of the key hormones that regulate our biological clocks from day to night. So, enhancing melatonin or taking additional melatonin as we age helps regulate these clocks.  And these clocks are also triggered by other hormones like cortisol.

So, when we talk about these ageing clocks, we’re only talking about a dynamic system where the hormones themselves which are triggered by light, stress, or a need for cellular repair.  This is the basis that we’re referring to.

What scientists have been looking at is the scientific evidence linking these bio clocks – which exist all over the body – to the cell cycles or the cell’s ability to repair the damaged cells and the DNA within.  So, the most important thing to keep in mind is that as we age, and up until above 30 or so, we’re actually able to repair the damage that we suffer more efficiently than the damage we incur.  Now once we hit 30 and beyond, we become mortal.  We become actually very prone to accumulating this damage within our DNA and that really is the core of the problem in ageing of the body – particularly, the ageing in the skin.

Advanced Clinical Research

jeunesse advanced night repair

This is a powerful cosmeceutical – we’ll use this term because it really is something that is close to a pharmaceutical rather than a cosmetic ingredient.  This is based on the most advanced clinical research available and has been designed to enhance specific metabolic path ways involved in the ageing process, particularly the processes of the DNA repair.

Scientists did two independent studies, one with a very, very big company which I can’t name, but its two letters begin with “A” and “L.”  They did a joint study to document the effectiveness of this specific compound on DNA repair.  And not only was it effective but this ingredient was, at that time several years ago, considered to be one of the most important ingredients that could possibly have been discovered for skin repair.

They then went ahead and did a second study radiating these cells and watching how these were damaged, and also watching how they responded dramatically in the presence of this DNA repair compound.  And again, they were able to document just dramatic improvement in the cell’s ability to repair itself under very stressful conditions.



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