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jeunesse advanced night repair

Single and double strand DNA repair

Enhance single and double strand DNA repair

jeunesse advanced night repair
So, Luminesce Advanced Night Repair has been designed to do a number of key things utilizing the most recent science that we have and that’s directly related to reversing the ageing process of the skin, stimulating stem cells, inhibiting the normal process of ageing both inside and outside of the body that is the detrimental effects of free radicals.
Let’s talk for a moment a little bit more about this compound that we’ve added called Baicalin, which decreases the shortening of the telomeres and promotes new cell growth.

If you look at the little picture on the right of this slide, you’ll see it looks like a little orange cap on the end of a chromosome. Now, every time the cell divides, that little cap or the tiny bit hits a critical length where it will then send signal to the cell to stop dividing. When that happens in the skin area, we not only see a rapid progression of wrinkles, but we’ll notice the skin looks dehydrated, it gets thicker, and it starts to accumulate what it looks like this irregular clumps of skin. Now, by adding this ingredient to Advanced Night Repair, we are actually slowing this shortening of telomeres within the skin cells down. That actually helps us promote new cell growth within the dermis layer of the skin. And this allows for:
1) a quicker shedding of dying skin on the surface.
2) Our skin to produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid for a longer period of time. So we’re actually extending the period of healthy skin appearance and function.

jeunesse advanced night repair
Some of the other ingredients that have been added and really help prevent the trans epidermal water loss by locking in hydration have been chosen because of their natural origins: apple, lentil, , water melon and cucumber extracts have all been shown to act as a barrier on the surface of the skin to help lock in hydration. Other compounds actually help increase inter cellular hydration by 85% in two weeks have been shown to reduce fine lines in as little as a few hours.

The product that we designed has two really components that work in hydration. The natural ingredients that we use to create a more effective external barrier to lock in the water, and other compounds that actually help produce more hyaluronic acid – the sponge effect inside our skin is enhanced and that allows our skin to hold more water.
Locks in hydration
So the immediate effects that you’ll feel are really due to the fact that we’re inhibiting the water loss. The longer term effects over a couple of weeks have to do with facts that we produce more hyaluronic acid which allows us to retain more moisture within the skin. In contrary, during the normal ageing process, your cells and the gel like substance that lubricates between these cells (hyaluronic acid), loses its ability to hold water or hydration. This causes your skin to become thin and dry.
The other reason related to this loss is the fact that as we age, the genes in our skin become quiescent. So as we age the genes within the cells that make hyaluronic acid, collagen, and the elastin – these are mainly the genes within the stem cells – actually go to sleep.
Now the growth factors in the peptides have been added to this product and a part of Dr. Newman’s research are the key ingredients that make those cells to start producing more of the key compounds to enhance hydration.
What’s the result of this? New skin cells actually start to grow, and the telomeres are actually helped by keeping them from shortening at a more rapid race, and at the same time we began to repair the damage to the DNA that helps both the stem cells and the body cells.
Growth Factors Complex
So we end up seeing it in a very short period of time improvement in the thickness of the dermis in the collagen content and actually a reduction in the amount of damage to the skin itself.
Scientists can actually measure the amount of DNA damage or the damage below the surface of the skin. They see dramatic reductions in the damage to the sub surface of the cells, particularly the DNA for people who use this product on an ongoing basis.

Usage and application

jeunesse advanced night repair
The line of skin care products that have been designed to work together synergistically. A truly effective anti ageing skin care program is really one that we want to use on a regimental basis. So, applying Luminesce cellular rejuvenation serum both in the morning and before bed will actually help those stem cells within your skin to start making more of those key proteins : elastin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid. That’s where the peptides from the stem cell serums become effective by using the Advanced Night Repair. This is because we’re again stimulating the skin with a little bit more of these stem cell peptides and repairing the damage to the DNA that we’ve suffered throughout the day (due to the general ageing process with both inside and outside the skin).


Now, why is DNA repair important to make the stem cell peptides better? As our cells age, whether it’s the skin or the cells inside our body, they suffer damage from DNA. And if you think about DNA as your computer software, that software is damaged you end up a computer that doesn’t work optimally or eventually crash. So what happens inside these cells when the DNA is damaged, particularly the stem cells? They suffer DNA damage and cannot produce the proteins and peptides that are designed to make collagen. So, as we apply the Advance Night Repair, we begin to improve the level of DNA repair, and enhance the cell’s ability to repair that damage to the “software”. The stem cells function better. The better they’re functioning, the more receptive they are to the rejuvenation serums that have also been included in this series. So, there’s a direct synergy between the use of these two products together at the genetic level.

What Jeunesse has focused on is to bring you the most recent science and compounds that have a lot of credibility and scientific support behind. The optimal skin regiment is to apply the rejuvenation serum in the morning and evening, and apply the Advanced Night Repair in the evening as well.
Now in the morning, one of the things we want you to do is to help avoid additional damage to your skin and that’s where the Daily Moisturizing Complex comes in. Within that complex is a very effective non-toxic sunscreen compound. So, what we’re really looking at is limiting the damage in the morning and helping your stem cells function more optimally. Then in the evening we’re again feeding those stem cells to work more optimally as we’re enhancing the repair process. In this way. the cells that have been damaged throughout the day can function better.
In essence, this is an extremely comprehensive program. And the matter of fact is to enhance moisture levels to restore your collagen, elastin to make your skin look better. It is not just about fewer wrinkles, but dramatically enhancing the removal of the skin spots that we all see as we age due to the effects of the Cat’s Claw extract. Now, some of those spots we see are from pigmentary or melanin depositions in the skin due to sun exposure. Other of those spots are due to what’s called age-related pigments. So what we see in the clinical trials with this product is a dramatic reduction of those light brown or even dark brown spots with long term use. In fact, so effective that this product has been called equal to or more effective than hydroquinone, which we now know is a toxic ingredient to the skin. So, we’re looking at improving the following:
• Reducing the actual amount of wrinkles and enhancing the skin’s thickness by producing more collagen and elastin.
• Enhancing the skin moisture by inhibiting the loss of water and by producing more hyaluronic acid that holds the moisture. And by the way, this will also help us with micro nutrient delivery to the skin as we enhance moisture content.
And finally, we recently brought out nutri-gen, which is the oral supplements that actually pass a significant amount of the DNA repair ingredients within it. So, using the oral nutri-gen together with the topical skin care products results in the most effective DNA repair system that we’ve ever seen.
The Directions about how do we use this product. Ok, we apply small amount of the advance night repair, utilizing the enclosed spatula or with your finger tips. Now, I’m going to make a comment: if you use your finger tips you have to wash your hands because your finger tips are probably the one area where your body has more bacteria on it than anywhere else, and during the actual clinical research, some of my patients said to me that the cream was great for the first couple of weeks but they noticed they kind of look funny or got changed color. Well, they contaminated that cream without washing their hands. So one of the key things is to try to use this spatula and if you’re going to use your finger tips – fine but wash them thoroughly prior to using them. You massage evenly with your finger tips about a dime or a little less than a US dime so that may would be a 4-5 millimeters circle of the cream and you massage that in a circular motion to the face and the neck. You do not need large amounts of this cream. And the secret here is not to overdo it.



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